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Amused Moose Soho is W1's only multi-awardwinning comedy club
Three-time winner of London's Best Comedy Club award and first in TimeOut's "London Laughs" Top 10

Our 'Amused Moose Soho' Top Value stand-up comedy shows
  will be back in September, hosted by Mark Dolan (C4 Balls of Steel) Mark Dolan with moose 2012 1

on Saturdays plus New Years Eve.    Amused Moose Comedy shows elsewhere
including the EDINBURGH FRINGE in August and SOHO THEATRE are on our Shows page too.     Just  click here


A M U S E D   M O O S E   C O M E D Y   A W A R D S
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Entries to Amused Moose Laughter Awards open in June, with £5000 as the main prize
for comedy shows on the Edinburgh Fringe by performers who don't have a dvd deal.

Tony Law, Marcel Lucont and Danny Ward are recent winners

Marcel with trophy 2 (high res) Danny Ward with AmusedMooseLaughterAward trophy

Click here to go to our Awards page to find out more
and how to enter which involves filming your show yourself


Jack Whitehall and Sarah Millican were amongst winners of  Amused Moose Laugh Off.
Entries open on 1 January, with £1500 being the main prize for new comedians.

Jack Whitehall with moose 1 Sarah Millican (Laugh Off)

Entries now exceed 700 so enter as soon as entries open, otherwise the qualifying round dates you want
may already be full.  Go to to find out more and how to enter



Absolute & Almost Beginners comedy course participants come to London from as far afield as the Philippines to attend the same course led by Logan Murray, that stand up comedians Greg Davies and Rhod Gilbert recommend.

 Rhod Gilbert thumbnail   Greg Davies thumbnail 

Get full information about the next course (and other comedy courses) from

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